Lotus Evora 400

The Lotus Evora is one of the best handling sports cars currently on the market, offering supercar levels of excitement for Porsche 911 prices. Developed extensively by a team of highly qualified race drivers, like every Lotus the Evora has racing in its DNA. Nine seconds faster than the old Evora S around Lotus’ own test track, the Evora 400 boasts a 400bhp engine, a redesigned gear shift and a limited slip differential as standard. Huge 370mm front and 350mm rear AP racing discs and calipers help bring the car to a stop, every time. The Evora is just as fast round a track as an Exige, but is more comfortable, more forgiving and easier to get in and out of! The Evora is the ideal car for someone looking for a supercar type of experience, but on a budget. The view out the front is pure Group C racer and the car never fails to amaze on track.

The Evora 400 costs £1195 per day to hire