MG ZS 180

The MG ZS has the unfortunate distinction of being closely related to the Rover 45, never the world’s most exciting car. However, MG transformed the humble Rover into something quite different. Instead of the regular K series 1.8L 4-cylinder engine, the ZS 180 has a smooth and reliable 2.5L V6, putting out 180bhp. In a car with relatively low weight, the performance was better than many executive saloons of the day.

The car has a reputation as one of the best handling front-wheel-drive cars ever made and this setup makes it very easy to drive, even in challenging conditions. Our MG may not be the shiniest or fastest thing in our fleet, but we love it dearly and it has helped many people to enjoy their first track day. It’s an ideal car to get in and just drive. With an instructor by your side, you might just be surprised how quick it can go too!

The MG ZS 180 costs £295 per day to hire