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The Autobahn Initiation 2018


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If you don’t know what you’re bringing yet, don’t worry – just enter TBC and we’ll get that info nearer the time.

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If you need to be home earlier on Sunday night, let us know and we will get in touch to organise an earlier Ferry for you.


27th May to 3rd June 2018

Since 2011, we’ve been running our highly popular and successful Scrappage Rally. Going to destinations all over Europe in cars worth less than £500, it is incredible fun. However, not everyone has the time or funds to buy a car (even a £500 one) just for a trip across Europe.

So, we’ve been working hard to bring you something with the spirit of Scrappage, but not the rulebook! This is a European driving tour – not a rally. We have worked hard to give you the best value for money, without ever feeling cheap. That means your accommodation and ferry are both included in the price – and there’s NO TENTS! We’ve chosen accommodation on the budget end of the scale to give you the absolute best value for money – because we believe driving holidays can be fun for everyone!

Where are we going?

We will be visiting five fantastic European cities, with rest days in three of them. We are staying in Bonn, Berlin, Poznan (Poland) and Munich – with a lunch stop in Prague between Poznan and Munich.

How long is it?

We are going to be leaving on the 27th of May and returning late in the evening of the 3rd of June, possibly early morning on the 4th. It has been designed that you can do the entire trip with just one week off work. If getting back on Monday is a priority, let us know and we can book an earlier Ferry for you Sunday night.

How much is it?

The cost of the trip, if booked before December 31st 2017 is £499 per person, based on two sharing. After that, the price will be £599 per person. To book now, you only need to pay a deposit of £99 per person, with the balance payable two months before departure.

If you want to join us but don’t have anyone to go with, let us know and we can sort something out!

But are we staying in Hostels?

No!! Every place we stay in has private rooms, you will not be sharing with anyone who is not on the tour.

Our accommodation in Bonn is called a Hostel, but is in fact the funkiest Hotel I have ever seen. We’ll be staying inside converted camper vans at the coolest location you can imagine. Check out the pictures!

What makes your trip different to others?

At Magnitude, we have many years organising trips away. We’ve organised our own events and taken part in others too. We believe too many companies plan a trip which “sounds” good, but in reality isn’t. Too often we’ve heard from people that they were due to go somewhere, but people spent too much time out at night drinking and therefore ruined plans for the following day. Or trips have been planned too tightly, with no time to enjoy the local culture and sights. At Magnitude, we make sure to include plenty of rest days. So those who want to go out at night can do so, guilt-fee, and those who want to explore the towns can do that too!

We come on every trip that we organise. We expect these to be social events and we are very lucky to have a loyal and dedicated customer base. Many of our customers are repeat business and we are always taking feedback to make sure each trip we run is the best we’ve ever done!

Is it a Rally or Race?

NO! Absolutely not. The word rally or race is not mentioned, at all. This is a guided driving tour. Unfortunately, a very well known rally had some poorly behaved people a few years ago, and someone was killed as a result of reckless driving. Since then, the German authorities have taken an extremely dim view on anyone running a race or rally. So there will be no stickers on cars, and no large groups going down the Autobahn in formation. If you drive sensibly and respect the rules of the roads, the authorities are reasonable and will have no problems.

Do I have to bring a certain type of car?

No! All are welcome, although be aware we will be doing a lot of miles on the autobahn – so please be sure it is mechanically sound! We will also be entering an Environmental Zone (Umwelt-zone) when we go to Munich. Cars entering the zone must be Euro 4 compliant or better.

To enter these zones, you will need a green sticker on your car. We will help you get one of these if you don’t have one. They cost around £15 and last the lifetime of the car. Any car made after January 1st 2005 will be fine. Earlier cars might also, but it isn’t guaranteed. If you want to bring a vehicle which is older, don’t panic! We have backup solutions in the form of secure parking just outside the environmental zones and a short distance from our accommodation.

What’s included in the price?

The price includes Ferry transfer and accommodation. It does not include fuel, food, drink or parking. There is parking at all of the hotels we visit, we have tried to get places with either free or cheap and secure parking at all venues. There may be one or two toll roads on the journey, but the majority of it is on free roads – as Germany does not use toll roads.

Event Services

  • Magnitude Staff present at all times
  • Hotels and Ferry Crossing included in price


  • 27th May to 3rd June 2018


A roadworthy car and a sense of adventure!