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Watch Mark Hales on a lap of Blyton in a McLaren 570S!

Location: Blyton Park

Blyton Park was the dream of Richard Usher, a racing driver and all-round motorsports enthusiast who wanted to build his own race track. The result of a very large investment, Blyton has quickly gained a reputation as the UK’s friendliest race track – meaning it is one of our favourites too.

The course may be short at 1.6 miles but it has been designed to be technically demanding and is frequently used by trade publications and motor manufacturers to test their cars as it offers a good mix of technical corners and straights.

Blyton Park, Old Blyton Airfield, Kirton Road, Blyton, Gainsborough DN21 3PE


What’s a Premium Day?

Premium Track Days are just one of the events we run at Magnitude that are designed to be a little different. Places are strictly limited – with events typically having between 12 to 18 participants. We firmly believe track days are a social occasion as much as anything else and we believe by making the atmosphere on the day more intimate and friendlier, everyone will enjoy themselves more. Plus, by being a strictly LOW NUMBERS event, you have LESS TRAFFIC and more clear laps out on track. Whilst novices are not allowed on our Premium days, they are an ideal way for the competent track driver to learn a new track or simply get some clean lap times in amongst friendly company.

A typical track day can involve up to 40 cars on track at the same time – making putting in a clear lap frustrating, especially when you’re dealing with drivers and cars of wildly differing abilities. On our Premium days, we keep numbers extremely low. At Blyton Park, for example, we have no more than six cars on track at a time. This means more time enjoying the track, less time waiting to be let by. Our Premium Events give you the feeling of having the whole track hired just for you and some friends, without the hassle and expense of organising it yourself. If you want the track to yourselves, this can be arranged too! Just speak to our team who will be happy to help.

On regular days we do not permit the use of competition tyres, but these are permitted on Premium Days. If you wish to bring a race car, please notify us in advance.

So What Else Do I Get?

Less traffic is only a small part of the Premium experience. Premium day users get a FREE BREAKFAST, as well as UNLIMITED FREE HOT AND COLD DRINKS (non-alcoholic of course!) and FREE TRACK PHOTOGRAPHY. Where possible, catering facilities will also be of a much higher standard than regular events (not all circuits permit us to do our own catering).

Customer Testimonials: 

“Thanks for a fantastic event, I’ll definitely be booking up for 2016, both track time and more tuition.
Thoroughly enjoyed the day, thanks again to the whole Magnitude team, all the marshals and Lotus for allowing us to use such a fantastic facility”

Dominic Mitchell (Caterham 7 Classic)

“Thanks we had an amazing time! Please thank your whole team for such a professionally run track day at such an awesome track & facility, thanks again!

Larry. Wendy and Joe Burke (Mazda MX5 MK1)
“I booked in to go and spectate yesterday and had a lovely time in the Norfolk sunshine. If anyone is nervous about taking their car on track because it is their pride and joy then you would not need to worry at this event. It was a well organised event and it is focused more around people enjoying their cars around an iconic track appose to setting the fastest lap time. The staff space the cars release on track so there is no pressure from someone coming up behind you quickly and pressuring you to drive beyond your limits. The only pressure it appeared was the pressure that you place on yourself to carry and better line and more speed. Martin Donnelly was there offering instruction too. How can you get better instruction that a ex F1 driver.

The reason why I went to have a look is because I have always been worried about taking my 40 year old Europa around a track (exception of parade laps). I have attended other track days and there seems to be more modern cars with inexperienced drivers bombing passed you and then almost barrel rolling their cars around the bends. My Europa is my pride and joy and I never fancied some idiot crashing into the side or rear of it. I will however happily sign up to this event if hosted in the future as the participants seemed to get what it was all about (maybe a very good brief at the beginning of the day before then event at a guess).”

Stuart Monument (Lotus Europa)

Event Services

  • On site catering
  • ARDS Qualified Instructors offering circuit tuition*
  • Additional drivers*
  • Guest passes*
  • Helmet hire* (Subject to availability)
  • Preferential Track Insurance rates
  • *NB available at extra cost.


  • Six Hours Driving Time Plus Lunch Break



You must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Vehicles must abide by noise regulations these vary from venue to venue please check the circuits regulations prior to arrival. THE NOISE LIMIT AT BLYTON IS 95DB DRIVE BY

Failure to comply will result in disqualification from the event.

If you attend this event in breach of the above restrictions you will not be allowed access to the circuit and we will not be able to issue you with a credit or refund. Please call us if you are unsure.

Guests are welcome but must be registered and booked on to the event at point of booking. Any questions don’t hesitate to contact the event team.