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Scrappy’s Little Sister: Scrappage On Track 2019


Team Details

If you haven’t got a team name or car yet, just enter TBC

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Location: Blyton Park

Blyton Park was the dream of Richard Usher, a racing driver and all-round motorsports enthusiast who wanted to build his own race track. The result of a very large investment, Blyton has quickly gained a reputation as the UK’s friendliest race track – meaning it is one of our favourites too.

The course may be short at 1.6 miles but it has been designed to be technically demanding and is frequently used by trade publications and motor manufacturers to test their cars as it offers a good mix of technical corners and straights.

Blyton Park, Old Blyton Airfield, Kirton Road, Blyton, Gainsborough DN21 3PE


26th – 27th/28th of April*

£199 per person

BACK for 2019! Scrappy’s Little Sister Returns.

What’s that? Well, you’ve probably heard of our Scrappage Rally. £500 cars, adventures round Europe, etc… Scrappy’s Little Sister is that, distilled into a smaller but just as exciting package.

This trip takes place entirely within the UK and we relax a few requirements. First off, you don’t need to bring a Scrappage eligible car. You can use anything – but the scrappier, the better!

Secondly, for 2019’s event we will be allowing ONE MAN TEAMS. The more the merrier, but as we’re not driving too far on this one we are relaxing our minimum numbers rule!

Alright, what’s the plan for this one then?

We’re going all out for the fun in 2019. We are going to be meeting at Blyton Park at 8am, because the first part of SLS 2019 is going to be a full sized track day! That’s right, we’ve finally done it and answered your requests to get the Scrappage cars on track. But, be careful, because there’s plenty to do after the day is done.

Action on track will close at 5pm, and we’ll be having a social BBQ (exact plans TBC). Then, another real treat. We’re going to be turning Blyton Park into an American style DRIVE IN MOVIE THEATRE! We’re going to have a giant inflatable screen on track and everyone can watch a film (film yet to be chosen, may not be suitable for children) from the comfort of their car or a deck chair! We’ll then be camping at the circuit before heading out in the morning for a long drive through the English countryside of approximately 5 hours.

If we make the needed numbers (30 participants) we will be camping out in East Anglia on Saturday Night! If we don’t the event will end with a massive dinner on Saturday in Suffolk (included in the price)!

If we do make the numbers our dinner will be a celebratory Sunday lunch instead.

So what kind of car do I need?

This year’s theme for the rally is RACE CARS. Or race inspired cars. We want to see some fun liveries and tributes to famous motorsports vehicles on track!

How many people can I bring?

As many as you like.

What’s included in the price?

Entry to the event, breakfast for Friday, lunch for Saturday (or Sunday), camping site for Friday night (and Saturday if applicable), your “tickets” for the drive-in movie.

Is there a charity element to this run?

Yes – we will be raising money for charity. In 2018 we raised over £700 for Andy’s Man Club and have yet to decide on a charity for 2018.

Event Services

  • Scrappage Team on 24/7 Call


  • One Night - 26th to 27th April


Frequently Asked Questions.

What if my car breaks down?

Probably the most asked question we get. The best advice we can give is get AA cover, take care of your vehicle and thoroughly check it before going on track!

Where do I get such a machine for so little?

Ebay would be our first call, remember to modify your search (ie filter out by price and distance) otherwise you will be scrolling through loads of pages. You’ll be surprised what you can pick up! Local garages take in part-exchange and there are always those roadside cars, these are surprisingly good. We suggest buying a car with an MOT till the end of the rally, unless you know what you are doing, or trust the seller to tell you what is needed.

What else do I need?

Insurance, MOT, and driving licence are the only legal requirements for our UK trips. A warning triangle, luminous jackets, fire extinguisher and first aid kit are all recommended.

What about insurance?

These cars are quite cheap to insure, and many people can add them to a multicar policy, or do temporary insurance. A good resource for temporary cover is could be less than £35. You could also try

Corporate sponsorship

If you are a company and wish to sponsor the PR car or indeed enter a couple of cars, then please contact us and we will happily discuss this with you

Can I raise money for my own charity?

Yes, you are welcome to raise additional money for a charity of your choosing.

Can I change people, cars, names, hair colour, socks etc?

The answer to all of the above is yes! However some charges may apply if we incur costs!

Can I use a sat nav?

YES we recommend you bring one.

Do I need a car before signing up?


When is the close date?

Last registrations need to be made one month before the event, unless the rally is full, you will see when the rally is full by a great big sign saying “rally full” – we are good like that. It only takes a week to buy a car and get it pimped (depending on what you are doing with it, it does however take a little longer for DVLA to get themselves sorted so give that min 4 weeks.

Are there any rules on car themes?

No politics.

What sort of people attend your events?

Nice ones… of any age… If you’re not nice then don’t bother booking.

What are the rules?

Don’t ever disrespect anyone on the rally

Obey all the rules

I am from another country other than the UK may I join?

We welcome anyone from any country and you are very welcome and encouraged to join. Please be aware this is an English speaking rally though. We know you nutty Norwegians like the idea of these rallies.

What about accommodation?

All sorted and included in the price!

Can I be disqualified?

Yes, there are a few simple rules. If you are a moron you will be disqualified from the rally. Being a moron means the following: disrespecting or abusing anyone on the rally (if you don’t like someone just talk to other people). Drinking is not an excuse for being a numpty. Do not interfere with someone else’s car, whilst bashing bumpers may seem like a laugh to you it could be different for the recipient, same goes for any additions to their paint jobs.