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World War II Driving Tour 2019


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6th to 14th July 2019


For 2019, we are introducing the first of our themed driving tours. This one is based on our love of history and takes you through Northern Europe to visit some of the important historical sites from World War II – taking in both well known and lesser known spots.

This tour includes highlights such as a visit to Dunkirk, Peenemunde (The base where the fearsome V1 and V2 rockets were developed), Berlin, Stalag Luft III (The site of the real Great Escape), Colditz Castle and more!

*For individuals travelling, we can accommodate you – please get in touch directly.

What is the itenerary?

Day One: Saturday July 6th

Meet in the UK at a pre-agreed point, and travel to the Ferry port (Dover). Take the crossing and go to Dunkirk, site of the legendary WWII evacuation and countless films.

Travel To Arnhem, in the Netherlands.

Miles Driven: 236 (from Calais)

Day Two: Sunday July 7th

A day in Arnhem, site of a major battle in the latter part of 1944. One of the major losses during Operation Market Garden, Arnhem was the centre of the 1977 film “A Bridge Too Far”

Miles Driven: 0

Day Three: Monday July 8th

Drive to Peenemünde, the home of the feared V1 and V2 rockets. A brisk trip across the German Autobahn will see the scenery change as we head towards the East, and Northern Coast of Germany.

Miles Driven: 441

Day Four: Tuesday July 9th

Peenemünde Historic Technical Museum – an exhibit showcasing the history of the German Rocket technology, the basis for all modern rockets. A key strategic installation during the war and now home to two museums – the Technical museum and the Submarine Museum, now home to U461 – a 1960s Soviet submarine from the Cold War.

After our day at the museums, we will head to the German capital of Berlin.

Miles Driven: 166

Day Five: Wednesday July 10th

We have two full days without driving in Berlin and we encourage the group to find their own entertainment in the city with something for everyone. We will be organising a walking tour for those who want to get to know the city. Every street in the capital is laced with history and the impact of the War can still be felt, with pieces of the Berlin wall still standing and the consequences of Soviet occupation still clear to see. Highlights include the museum at Checkpoint Charlie, and of course the Wall itself at the East Side Gallery.

In the evening, we will have a group dinner in a traditional German setting.

Miles Driven: 0

Day Six: Thursday July 11th

Second Day in Berlin, many opportunities are of course available but one of particular note is the possibility of a trip to Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Due to the nature of the exhibit, we will not be organising a trip here for the group, however for those who have not been we do encourage a visit. It is not suitable for younger or easily upset children.

Miles Driven: 0

Day Six: Friday July 12th

We travel from Berlin to Poland and Stalag Luft III – better known as the site of the real Great Escape! Newly refurbished, this is a great site to visit for both film and history buffs. After the museum, we turn around and head back into Germany for another famous penal institution – Colditz Castle.

Miles Driven: 280

Day Seven: Saturday July 13th

We visit Colditz Castle for a tour of the facility and a view of this most famous prison. Afterwards, we cross back across Germany, stopping in the beautiful city of Bonn – just south of Cologne.

Miles Driven: 320

Day Eight: Sunday July 14th

Our guests have free time to visit Bonn or we recommend a trip to Cologne – where the Medieval Cathedral (“Kolner Dom”) stands tall, and the old city is filled with rustic German charm. For those with a sweet tooth, there is a Chocolate Museum too!

In the evening, we return to Calais.

Miles Driven: 267 (To Calais)

Please note there may be detail changes to the above. If there are any significant changes such as date or price, you will have the option to get a refund.

How long is it?

We are going to be leaving on the morning of 6th July and returning on 14th of July. It has been designed that you can do the entire trip with just one week off work.

How much is it?

The cost of the trip, if booked before December 31st 2018 is £699 per person, based on two sharing. After that, the price will be £799 per person. To book now, you only need to pay a deposit of £200, with the balance payable at least two months before departure.

If you want to join us but don’t have anyone to go with, let us know and we can sort something out!

What’s included in the price?

The price includes:

Ferry transfer
Hotel Rooms
Group Dinner in Berlin (Food only)
Entry to: Peenemunde Technical Museum (The Rocket Labs), Berlin Walking Tour and Colditz Castle

It does not include the cost of food (except the group dinner) or drink. It also excludes entry into attractions other than those listed above, to keep costs down and to allow people the freedom to do their own things.

But are we staying in Hostels?

No!! Every place we stay in has private rooms, you will not be sharing with anyone who is not on the tour.

What makes your trip different to others?

At Magnitude, we have many years organising trips away. We’ve organised our own events and taken part in others too. We believe too many companies plan a trip which “sounds” good, but in reality isn’t. Too often we’ve heard from people that they were due to go somewhere, but people spent too much time out at night drinking and therefore ruined plans for the following day. Or trips have been planned too tightly, with no time to enjoy the local culture and sights. At Magnitude, we make sure to include plenty of rest days. So those who want to go out at night can do so, guilt-fee, and those who want to explore the towns can do that too!

We come on every trip that we organise. We expect these to be social events and we are very lucky to have a loyal and dedicated customer base. Many of our customers are repeat business and we are always taking feedback to make sure each trip we run is the best we’ve ever done!

Is it a Rally or Race?

NO! Absolutely not. The word rally or race is not mentioned, at all. This is a guided driving tour. Unfortunately, a very well known rally had some poorly behaved people a few years ago, and someone was killed as a result of reckless driving. Since then, the German authorities have taken an extremely dim view on anyone running a race or rally. So there will be no stickers on cars, and no large groups going down the Autobahn in formation. If you drive sensibly and respect the rules of the roads, the authorities are reasonable and will have no problems.

Do I have to bring a certain type of car?

No! All are welcome, although be aware we will be doing a lot of miles on the autobahn – so please be sure it is mechanically sound! We will also be entering an Environmental Zone (Umwelt-zone) when we go to Berlin. Cars entering the zone must be Euro 4 compliant or better.

To enter these zones, you will need a green sticker on your car. We will help you get one of these if you don’t have one. They cost around £15 and last the lifetime of the car. Any car made after January 1st 2005 will be fine. Earlier cars might also, but it isn’t guaranteed. If you want to bring a vehicle which is older, don’t panic! We have backup solutions in the form of secure parking just outside the environmental zones and a short distance from our accommodation.

What numbers are required?

To make the trip economically viable, we require only FOUR cars to sign up. If that number isn’t met within 3 months of the start date, you will be informed and money refunded. The MAXIMUM number of vehicles running on this event will be 12, to keep the experience personal and enjoyable.


Event Services

  • Magnitude Staff present at all times
  • Hotels and Ferry Crossing included in price


  • 6th to 14th July 2019


A roadworthy car and a sense of adventure!