Scrappage Rally

Beginning in 2011, Magnitude’s Scrappage Rally has become an institution. Taking the time-honoured idea of cheap cars and big ideas, we’ve been providing cut-price entertainment for hundreds of happy scrappers. Now, Scrappage is going next level and we’re going to be expanding the events calendar to meet demand as well as making sure the original remains one of the best rallies of its kind. Our management team have over ten years experience in organising just this type of event, so we know how to make sure it’s just right.

Each Scrappage event follows a simple formula. Contestants are required to source or purchase a vehicle costing £500 or less. Each event has a particular theme. Themes in the past have included convertibles, self-converted campers and for 2018 the theme is British designed or built cars. Once purchased, Scrappers are encouraged to come up with a team name and decorate their cars appropriately. Standards on Scrappage have generally been very high, with some amazing designs in the past!

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Scrappage Rally 2019: Cars, Champagne and Boats
The 2019 Scrappage Rally is going all out to deliver a different experience. Start the week with some high octane Karting action at a circuit close to the legendary Le Mans Track. Then, sample the high life with a private tour of a magnificent Champagne house, tasting included! Finally, end the week with a three day party in Amsterdam including the use of a party boat hired just for us!

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Price £499 per person