Magnitude Events are happy to announce that Moris online motor insurance are our preferred agent. A reputable and reliable insurance provider who provide good value and comprehensive insurance policies for your track day at The Lotus Test Track. When obtaining your quote select “Magnitude Events” from the drop down section to get the best possible rates.

Very few motor insurers will provide any cover for cars being taken onto the track – and with good reason too – all the “norms” of driving safely on the road go out of the window as you exploit the limits of adhesion and machinery and yourself.

Guess what? Accidents WILL happen and it is therefore worth considering a separate policy specifically to provide for accident damage for your car.

There is no “Fault” attached to track day accidents, so whether you do the damage all by yourself or another driver simply drives into you, your policy will put right the damage to your car – however caused.

Useful Optional Extras with MORIS:

  1. Personal Accident Insurance for up to £100,000 for death / permanent disability
  2. Vehicle Recovery package so if you should have an accident or just blow the engine this recovery option will get you home.
  3. Insurance for your policy excess (values under £30,000 only). Please read terms and conditions on your policy as to precisely how this works.

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